De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Fanny Vandesande & Vania D’Angelo


Following their work together on the sculptural location-based production Ant and…, Fanny Vandesande and Vania D’Angelo have teamed up again for a visual dance creation. This time, they have moved into the rehearsal studio to work on a duet intended for a black box. In KOPP, Fanny and Vania experiment with a headdress by the textile developer Joanna Reuse (Collectief Textiel). This presentation is the result of an initial research phase.

Fanny and Vania studied dance at SEAD in Austria at the same time, but they only crossed paths afterwards in Belgium. Things really clicked between them, and they decided to work together as dancers, artistic coaches and makers. After Ant and.., a location-based project that played at various arts festival, they embarked upon new research: KOPP.

choreography & dance: Fanny Vandesande & Vania D’Angelo