De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Andreas Crommelinck

Andreas Crommelinck is a seventeen-year-old performer and creator from Kampenhout. Ever since he was a child, he enjoyed crafting, singing in a choir, and putting on shows with his younger brother. For the past four years, he has been studying the direction of Woordkunst-Drama (Speech Arts and Drama). He previously participated in ‘Ultra,’ a dance production by fABULEUS, and in ‘Versterker’ by Jinte de Greef at ZINNEMA. He loves immersing himself in theater, music, films, dance, performance, books, clothing, sunbeams, and enjoys working in various art forms, from making short films to writing poems, and from movement to street photography. Everything fascinates him.

Why Andreas is participating in De Dansvitrine?

“My participation in De Dansvitrine stems from a desire to create and perform something on my own, starting without knowing where I will end up. Within the framework of De Dansvitrine, which supports me in this while allowing me to do my own thing entirely. It’s about exploring what it means to move, breathe, and exist.”

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