De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Bhumika Parekh

The Bollywood vibe is in Indian dancer Bhumika Parekh’s blood! She was born and bred in Mumbai, the city that is home to Bollywood, and trained there as a ballet and jazz dancer. This helped her to develop her own Bollywood style. She also practices Kalaripayattu, a South Indian martial art.

Bhumika’s style is characterised by her expressiveness and empathy, as well as her slick, fun dance movements. She has performed at various festivals in Mumbai and Delhi with an Indian dance company. She has been teaching Bollywood in Europe for some time, for example at the Spiel festival in Austria, in Destelheide (Halle), Dansas (Genk) and at De Ingang (Ghent).



Foto: Kurt Van der Elst