De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Brandon Lagaert / KAIHO

Brandon Lagaert began his career as a performer with the dance theatre company Peeping Tom, touring worldwide with them for 8 years. Besides his work as a performer, Brandon has founded his own company, KAIHO, which works with dance, theatre and film. He has created choreographies with KAIHO for the Lithuanian dance company Aura, the French musician Flavien Berger, the Belgian band La Jungle and recently for the Italian dance ensemble Equilibrio Dinamico. His work is visual and physical, but always built on a basic narrative that gives both the performer and the audience something tangible to grasp. For the solo “Mondo Fuso”, Brandon is working with the Italian dancer Sara Angelucci.

“I like to work with characters who have an intimidating world around them and can only express themselves in broken physical movements. That’s characteristic of my dance vocabulary.”

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