De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Dan Mussett

Dan Mussett (1988, UK) graduated in dance from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in 2017, after having previously studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in 2010.   He is currently working as a performer with artists such as Jan Martens/GRIP and Ayelen Parolin.  In 2018 he received a research grant from the Vlaamse Overheid to work with fellow dancer Laurent Delom in the investigation of techniques and methodologies for new ways to imagine collaboration and coming together in artistic contexts.  Alongside this research the pair are working on their first performance together, ddddddddddduetttttttttttttttttttttttt which will premiere in summer 2019.  Stemming from the research, Dan established MURMUR in April 2018, a reading and discussion group for people working in the performing arts in Antwerp as a way to find common space for conversation, listening and knowledge sharing in the artistic community in the city.