De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Manou Selhorst & Lore Dekeyser


Manou and Lore have developed their own unique style for their project Tierra. They drew huge amounts of inspiration from flamenco and African dance, but still felt that something important was missing. Instead of training in an existing tradition, they dance in their own, highly idiosyncratic way. After considerable research into meaning, movement and sound, they have found their greatest strength in the connection with each other.

What if two shoes become a percussion instrument? What if African movements emerge from flamenco rhythms? Tierra is a search for both the strength and the vulnerability of two women. They break free from the pigeonholes of tradition, allowing dance and rhythm to speak to the audience in a free and intuitive language of movement.

Manou Selhorst started learning flamenco at the age of eleven. She spent a year in Seville, where she took intensive training at the Úrsula López academy. She is now studying art history and searching for a connection between flamenco and other performing arts. Lore Dekeyser studied ethics at Ghent University. She uses this background to reflect on African dance traditions and contemporary Western experiments with form.

choreography & dance: Manou Selhorst & Lore Dekeyser