De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Marie-Laure Lesage

Marie-Laure is a freelance dancer, dance teacher and co-founder and director of The Dancing Society, an artists’ collective based in Brussels. She started her classical dance training in Dakar, where she was born. She soon became interested in other styles and developed a passion for discovering new ways of moving (ranging from jazz, tap dance, hip hop and house to contemporary dance). A few years ago, she started making her own choreographies, searching for her own style and developing her artistic vision.

“The Dance Showcase is a great opportunity for a young choreographer to receive professional coaching and be able to work with established artists: an exceptional setting for an enriching, quality experience. Participating in the Dance Showcase has given us the opportunity to get feedback quite early on in our creative
process. We are very grateful for this and looking forward to the next steps.”

©Emma Cooper