De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Marlene Elgueta

Marlene Elgueta, originally from Santiago de Chile, made the move to Belgium in 2004 and has since settled in Ghent. With a background in the visual arts from KASK (Ghent), she found her passion in performance and dance. After years of working in the cultural sector, Marlene recently revitalized her own artistic practice with the performance ‘Stentor,’ which has secured a place in the De Dansvitrine showcase.

Why Marlene is participating in De Dansvitrine:

“My artistic development gains extra strength through my participation in the development trajectory. This trajectory provides me with the necessary support and guidance to create a full-fledged performance in the future… which is something I truly desire.”

Would you like to hear more about Marlene’s creative process and inspiration? Check out the short interview with Marlene on our Instagram page.