De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Maxime Membrive – De Genoten

After his philosophy studies and training for the theatre according to Jacques Lecoq’s method, Maxime Membrive developed his own style in a mixture of physical and sensory theatre, dance, circus, puppetry and mime. He has worked with artists including Inge Van Gestel, Albert Quesada and Jo Heyvaert. At present, Maxime is a member of Compagnie Charlie (street theatre), Cie Zanni, Quand je serai grand-e (youth theatre) and the dance company De Genoten (dance for public spaces). He was the assistant choreographer in the production ‘Tribute’ by De Genoten. ‘Superheroes’ is the first creation of his own for the dance company.

“During the coming season, 2018-19, we want to make one or more short dance interventions that we can dance as pop-up performances at events, festivals etc. We believe that participation in the Dance Showcase is an ideal way to kick-start the creative process.”