De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Petra Belkova

Petra Belkova is the choreographer of the folk art group Drieske Nijpers. Since her childhood, she has been immersed in East European folk music and dance. From this, her passion for authentic folk art and heritage grew. With Drieske Nijpers, she has had the opportunity to translate this passion into the creation of innovative choreographies based on Flemish folk dance. On stage, they bring stories seasoned with emotions and humor. Traditional dances, singing, and music play a significant role, often imbued with new meanings, allowing the audience to rediscover them. They handle traditional material with respect for authenticity and regional character.

Why Petra is participating in De Dansvitrine:

“With our participation in De Dansvitrine, we hope to elevate our creation to a higher level and thereby engage a broader audience in the power of folk dance and traditional music.”