De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Quan Bui Ngoc

Quan Bui Ngoc starts his dance training as a child at the National School of Vietnam, joining until 1996 the Ballet of the Hanoi Opera. In 1997 Bernadette Tripier invites him to France at Istres dance school. He met Alain Platel in 2002 to start working with him for Wolf. He collaborated with Lisi Estaras as a dancer in Bolero (2009) and as a co-director in I know a place (2009). He created Jump or fall (2009) with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre. In 2011 he joined the Australian Dance Theatre for the tour of Be Your Self. Also he created pieces with specific dancers, he choreographed a memorial piece with 200 children for the city of Ieper, he created a show Parallell Lines with prisoners in Bruges and he created the performance The Roof for the Ho Chi Minh Opera in Vietnam. Quan regularly gives workshops in different countries and works as a coach for other dancers and companies.