De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Roots Compagnie

I’m fine thanks …

The theme of ‘I’m fine, thanks…’ is the perfectionist society we live in. We are constantly exposed to unrealistic ideals in the media and on social media, which can easily lead to black-and-white thinking. Life is supposed to be ‘perfect’ and consequently so are we. If you want to be successful, you are supposed to be ambitious, preferably have a degree, and as well as working hard you need to find time for an extensive social life, hobbies, travel, extravagant experiences and so on. In this perfect world you are never tired, bored, unhappy or insecure. You always look good, and you feel good too. We are all stuck in this system of judging and judgements that we have created ourselves.

Helena Vandecasteele studied contemporary dance at Codarts Rotterdam. She is a freelance dancer who teaches at Muda, Kunsthumaniora Brugge, EDC and KC, and she is a co-founder of the dance school ‘Dancepointe’. In 2018 she founded Roots Compagnie as a place where she could create her own work. David Zambrano has been an important influence on her development as a dancer and maker. Under his guidance, Helena explored flying low, passing through, spontaneous performances and instant composition. Their intense collaboration (for example in Soul Project) has led to exciting contacts with other artists.

choreography: Helena Vandecasteele dance: Laila Boelaert, Hanne Lapere, Lisa Foucart, Justine Van Hoegaerden, Delphine Simons, Sanne Kiekens, Niels Van Santen, Natasja De Wit, Evi Blokmans, Manon Heyndrickx, Anke Weckx, Ine Garré