De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Sebastian Kann

Sebastian Kann (US, 1991) is a circus artist, theorist, pedagogue, and performance dramaturg. While studying at the École nationale de cirque in Montreal he met Natalie Oleinik; together, they make circus work under the moniker Manor House. Their newest piece, Always / Beautiful (2019), explores care as a motor for aerial movement improvisation. In his own theoretical investigations, Sebastian is currently busy with the politics of improvisation, taking somatic dance practices as a case study. Along with Bauke Lievens, Quintijn Ketels, and Vincent Focquet, he is one of the researchers behind The Circus Dialogues. The volume of texts on circus practice they edited together, Thinking Through Circus, was published this year. Sebastian often works as a dramaturg for choreographers and circus artists, both in Brussels and Montreal. He lives in Brussels.