De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Yoni Art Collective

Through dance, poetry and music, choreographer and writer Lara Groeneweg and tabla player Nitish Bhardwaj explore sensitive themes about the vulnerability of women and the pressures of patriarchal society. Lara discovered her passion for dance when she joined street dance classes at the age of ten. Since then, her love for dance has grown increasingly strong and she has started to combine more and more styles, creating a vocabulary of movement that is entirely her own. Nitish is a theatre and film director, writer and musician. Together Nitish and Lara form the Yoni Art Collective, whose aim is to achieve an authentic form of artistic expression. The Yoni Art Collective sees art as the strongest form of activism and as a means to give a voice to social tendencies.

“We have been working on our first performance since September 2021, but it was difficult to choreograph and dance at the same time. An outsider opinion turned out to be essential to develop the choreography further. We hope that our participation in the Dance Showcase will sharpen and refine our performance.”

©kurt van der elst