De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

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Alexander Vantournhout studied at ESAC, the college of circus in Brussels, where he immersed himself in rad, juggling and acrobatics before devoting himself to studying dance at P.A.R.T.S., the dance school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. His movement language is influenced by dance techniques, martial arts, circus, yoga, anatomy and the animal world. Two constants in his artistic trajectory are the search for the creative and kinetic potential of the body and the investigation of the many aspects of the relationship between artist and object.

In 2014, Caprices premieres, a solo choreography set to the music of Sciarrino. A year later, Alexander creates Aneckxander (2015) in collaboration with Bauke Lieven. In 2017, Vantournhout, also assisted by Bauke develops the duet Raphaël. The Ceramic Rose (2018) forms a choreographic solo supporting Scali Delpeyrat’s theatrical monologue. His first group piece, Red Haired Men (2018) is inspired by the absurd poetry of Daniil Kharms and mixes dance with acrobatics, theater and magic. In 2019, Alexander is developing his first in-situ performance, SCREWS. Five performers guide the audience through a series of micro-performances set among and around the audience. With Through the Grapevine (2020), Alexander Vantournhout returns to the theater and builds on the idea of Aneckxander to some extent with this duet. The body is reintroduced in a very pure form and the performance delves into the creative and kinetic potential of physical limitation. With Contre-jour (2021), Alexander fully opts for the role of choreographer, giving the stage to five dancers from diverse backgrounds. In the fall of 2022, Alexander Vantournhout once again takes the stage solo with VanThorhout. Foreshadow will premiere in the summer of 2023.

Alexander Vantournhout created two dance films, Screws & Stones (2019) and Snakearms (2021). The latter was selected for Cinedans, the NY Segal Film Festival and the TheaterFestival. Aneckxander, SCREWS, Through the Grapevine and VanThorhout were also selected for TheaterFestival as one of the most outstanding performances of the season.

Zoë Demoustier is a performer and choreographer under the wings of the Brussels company Ultima Vez.

The body is always the starting point of her visual performances. From movement she makes links to current and engaged issues and creates documentary choreographic work.

Zoë studied at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Academie voor Theater en Dans and afterwards obtained a Master at the RITCS Brussels.

She created the performances What Remains (Ultima Vez), Unfolding an Archive (ism STUK), Beating Choir (BRONKS BE & Le Carrousel CA) and nests & What was and what is now (fABULEUS/Anna Bentivegna & Ayrton Fraenk), and worked as a performer and assistant with Kabinet K, Michiel Vandevelde, Alma Söderberg/Manyone, Iris Bouche/Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, David Weber Krebs and Marcelo Evelin, among others.

In 2021, she was ambassador of Dag van de Dans in which she created dance makers of tomorrow i.c.w. The Missionaries in order to give dance and dance makers more visibility.

“Because I was able to take my first steps as a starting choreographer and because I could feel how important it is to be able to search and try and grow within a safe and warm environment. I also find special the mix of makers, dancers, ages and styles that are featured there, the individuality and passion that emanates from these kinds of projects carries great power. “

Merel Vercoutere is a programmer. While studying Art and Theatre Science, she actively participated in dance workshops, after which she started working as a dance staff member at Mooss. Not much later she became interested in the production of dance performances and worked for Les Ballets C de la B. She also started working as a project assistant at DANSAND in Ostend. Her enthusiasm as an amateur dancer and as a worker in the professional arts she brings together in the initiative TALK vzw, more specifically in Gent Bougement. A project that evolved from festival work to a platform offering opportunities to connect dancers with social stories and needs. She eventually joined KAAP as a dance programmer. There she programs performances with a focus on dance and performance. In Bruges, she works together with coordinator Sigrid Janssens to flesh out the ambitious project “Dans in Brugge”. She creates opportunities for creation through co-productions and rehearsal space and presents performances in the appropriate context such as Bits of Dance or December Dance. Some of these creations are also presented at DANSAND, where she is also responsible for the rest of the programming.

“Out of curiosity about what young people create today. What drives them, what interests them? Because I myself still find it interesting to talk about dance together and share each other’s feelings about it. And from the conviction that it is interesting to also introduce them from a programmer’s point of view: what do we pay attention to, how do we look…”

After a master’s degree in Oriental languages and one in theater science, Sigrid Janssens built up a twenty-year-long expertise within the performing arts landscape. This in diverse positions such as programmer, communications manager and general manager. Since October 2022, she has been artistic coordinator of Dance in Bruges. This is a unique collaboration between Cultuurcentrum Brugge, KAAP and Concertgebouw Brugge. Together with these three cultural houses, she joins forces to make Stad Brugge a real dance city for public and makers alike.

Wim Vanlessen is a celebrated ballet dancer. Knighted Chevalier in the order of Leopold in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the cultural arts in Belgium, he has been an international ambassador for dance representing the Royal Ballet Flanders—on and off the stage.

He is the author of his book “Dancer” and recently launched a children’s book “Een heel bijzondere jongen”

Vanlessen is a well respected movement director and appeared as a judge on Dancing With The Stars!

Being the executive and artistic director of “Time To Dance” Vanlessen showcased the best of what the ballet world has to offer in an highly acclaimed ballet gala performance in attendance of Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

Nicolas Vladyslav is a dancer , choreographer and teacher. He studied circus (trapeze, acrobatie and handstand) and dance (ballet and contemporary ) in France (CNSM Lyon). He worked with choreographers such as ; Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Michèle Anne De May, Lisi Estaras, Liesbeth Gruwez. He was a teacher in SEAD (Salzburg) , La Raffinerie (Bruxelles), and many differents organisations and places .

 “I find that Dansvitrine is a beautiful way to give the opportunity to dancers and choreographers to show and develop they own work.”