De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

See True

See True is a group of six young people: Louise-Marie, Inci, Stien, Zinte, Maite and Elias. They come from various parts of Belgium, and met in Hasselt at Pikoh Secondary School for the Arts. The 15- and 16-year-old dancers have different styles, which is precisely what makes their group unique. They decided to bring their differences together to create a single whole, in which the different elements and styles can still be found.

See True: “We signed up for The Great Belgian Dance Showcase so that we could show as much as possible of what we can do. We created the piece together to open the eyes of our audience, or by extension the eyes of the world. We want to draw them into a realistic story in which a person’s carefree life can be transformed from one moment to the next, which changes everything. We want to give them pause for thought to consider daily life, the choices they make as human beings and the consequences of those choices. But our main aim is to make them realise they need to enjoy life.”

Foto: Kurt Van der Elst