De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Janni Van Goor

Janni van Goor is a drama / dance teacher and choreographer. She has been working for years with mainly young people and children on performances that can best be described as dance theater: physical performances, often without text, visual, with a touch of humor. She regularly gives workshops and is active as a coach at home and abroad.

Van Goor always starts from the individual possibilities and image of the performers with whom she works, activates them through improvisation during rehearsals, and then bundles them into a collective energy. In addition, she looks for an organic way of moving in a visually pure style, with a conscious presence “in the moment”.

Her latest performance family trees (2017) in coproduction with Kopergietery and supported by Circuscentrum is an investigation into the relationship between circus and dance. Before that she worked with two circus artists (Michiel Deprez and Axel Guerin), an actress (Griet Dobbelaere) and six young girls. She is currently preparing a new performance in which she will continue this artistic research.