De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine



Tribal Fusion, a dance style that is not yet very well known in Flanders, combines traditional belly dance with ethnic and modern dance influences to create a powerful new dance style. Flutter emerged from a strong sense of togetherness between the dancers. By dancing as a close-knit tribe, a mixture of many kinds of women (short, tall, dark, pale etc.), the dancers create a sisterhood. The concept of ‘togetherness’ is emphasised even more in the reworked choreography for the Dance Showcase: one body, many bodies, one breath, many breaths. Visual allure is not only triggered by the exoticism of belly dancing techniques, but also by playing with the concept of ‘body’.

The choreographers, Lotte and Teuta, are passionate ambassadors for tribal fusion belly dance in Belgium. Both have been big fans of this young dance style for years: besides teaching it, they also organise various festivals to connect the national and international tribal fusion community. Lotte aka Mizkaoz and Teuta aka MissOrganized don’t seem to be a good match at first glance, but their shared sense of humour and contrasting characters make them the perfect complements to each other. That is why Teuta and Lotte have been having such fun working together at Teuta’s belly dancing school in Ghent. They hope to keep spreading the tribal fusion bug around Ghent, Belgium and beyond.

choreography: Teuta Dibrani and Lieselotte Peeters dance: Elise Acke, Rupa Bauwens, Teuta Dibrani, Leen Gevaert, Tiphanie Henrard, Lieselotte Peeters, Louise Vermeersch.