De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

You’re hard at work on your own choreography. You dance and spin, struggle and sweat, practice and perfect, fall and get up again. You’re nearly there. Just a bit more work, a couple more adjustments…

What if… you had a professional at hand to help you make the finishing touches by offering tailored advice?

What if… an expert could give you customised feedback on your work in progress?

What if… you felt even more confident after our coaching? And who knows, maybe you will even be ready to perform your choreography in front of an enthusiastic audience?

What if… you registered for the Great Belgian Dance Showcase?



14/12/19: application deadline 

Send us a short demo film of your creation or work in progress. We will show it to a team of dance experts who will select the projects in which they see potential for artistic growth.

16/02/20: presentation

You will have the chance to perform your work in progress before an impressive panel of dance experts. They will listen to your story, talk to you about where you want to go and give you constructive feedback on your work. If there are too many applications, we will make a pre-selection based on artistic growth, originality and creativity.

Important: all participants in the presentation will receive coaching from an expert, so participation is always worthwhile!

17/02/20 > 29/05/20: coaching process

The feedback team will select about ten projects to receive intensive coaching from an expert over several weeks. This will help you work towards a fully-fledged production.

30/05/20: your performance at De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine

Show off yourself and your creation to a full audience at Leietheater (Deinze)!



Are you a choreographer, solo dancer, duo, group or company? Ballet, belly dance, urban, hip hop, capoeira, dabke, tango or a cross-over style? Do you have plenty of experience or are you just starting out? Are you still in the middle of the creative process or is your performance almost ready?

At the Dance Showcase what matters most is creativity, enthusiasm and talent development. Anyone is welcome to register!



  • professional feedback on your work
  • custom coaching: whether or not you make it through to the final round, everyone gets advice and coaching
  • a stage and an audience for your performance



Read our Five Main Showcase Rules.

  1. Make sure your demo (min. 5 minutes) gives a good idea of what you are working towards. A recording of a rehearsal is fine: your performance doesn’t need to be complete yet. Your video doesn’t need to be professionally or artistically edited either. We have one tip: film indoors, not at an outdoor location. That gives us a better idea of what you are doing. Please note: only one registration per choreographer.
  2. Has your show already had its première? If so, it must be no more than one year old.
  3. Let your creativity go wild! We don’t believe in thinking inside the box: break down the borders, mix dance with video, circus or theatre, anything goes…
  4. … except for complicated scenery or lighting. Because we want to host several projects on one day, complex changeovers are unfortunately not possible.
  5. Registering and being selected means a commitment to participating. So be sure to keep 16 February 2020 (presentation – max 10 minutes) and 30 May 2020 (performance) free, and make sure your dancers know about it as well!